Better Patient Care with Wireless Mobile Workstations 

Emerson Storage Solutions, through our InterMetro division and its Metro, Flo Healthcare and Lionville Systems brands, is the world’s largest manufacturer of shelving carts and modular work stations that address the need for organization, accuracy, efficiency, and sterility in healthcare environments.

We are taking our commitment to the healthcare industry to the next level by developing innovative solutions that converge information technology with traditional mobile storage products for improved patient care, safety, and recordkeeping.

Our computerized mobile workstations, designed and manufactured by InterMetro’s Flo Healthcare and Lionville units, integrate wireless technologies into a new platform of products for reliable administration of medications, improved record-keeping, and bed-side patient care.

Nurses can wheel these workstations directly to the patient’s bedside, access the patient’s medical records over a secure network, and see the most accurate and up-to-date prescription list for that patient. The caregiver can then scan the patient’s identification and prescribed medications to make certain the patient gets exactly what the doctor ordered. Through wireless technology, the workstation then communicates with the main hospital systems, updating the patient’s records to help ensure a safe and secure procedure.

We also have developed mobile medical carts for critical care environments that can be equipped with dual display monitors so doctors and nurses can simultaneously review a patient’s chart and images, to save time and reduce the chance of error. These mobile carts can also be integrated with a hospital’s videoconferencing capabilities, allowing a doctor to confer with remote experts.

Flo Healthcare’s experience with creating customized workstations was just what the Dialysis Center of Lincoln (Neb.) was looking for when it planned an expansion of its healthcare services at a satellite outpatient site 80 miles away. In addition to accessing to medical records, the mobile clinical workstations made by Emerson’s Flo Healthcare unit feature telehealth and conferencing capabilities that enable health practitioners to administer patient care without the restraints of location. Patients, too, benefit from receiving the same one-on-one care without having to travel great distances to visit with their doctor.

By integrating technology into its new platform of products, Emerson Storage Solutions, through its Metro, Flo Healthcare and Lionville Systems product brands, is not only enhancing quality medical care – we’re also improving lives.


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Our commitment to continually combine and advance technology and engineering enables Emerson to produce solutions that provide a competitive advantage for our customers.