Internal Environmental and Energy Initiatives

Emerson and its businesses are actively pursuing a number of initiatives to reduce consumption of energy, minimize pollution emissions (including greenhouse gases), and cultivate recycling programs to conserve resources.

Improve energy efficient operations at facilities. In 2007, at the direction of CEO David Farr, the Environmental Affairs Department initiated a program across the company to evaluate the energy efficiency practices at our manufacturing facilities and to identify opportunities to improve. This evaluation was completed in2008, identifying significant energy reduction opportunities, including reducing use of carbon-based fuels at all Emerson manufacturing facilities.

Upgrade plant systems to reduce energy use. EGS Electrical Group (now Appleton Group), a business of Emerson Industrial Automation, manufactures industrial electrical products for specialty applications. To help conserve resources, EGS has several initiatives in place at its plants:

• Synthetic oils are formulated to be non-halogen, or flame resistant.
• Upgrading plant combustion systems on galvanizers has cut gas consumption by 20 percent.
• Modernization and ductile metal conversion has reduced natural gas consumption.
• Gas consumption has been reduced by 2 million cubic feet per year at one of our facilities, through an improved process of air drying varnish for transformers to eliminate oven curing.

Monitor equipment to lower energy use. Fisher, a business unit of Emerson Process Management that manufactures control valves for the process industry, opened a new door in energy conservation by keeping closer tabs on its pneumatic equipment.

The business recognized that even though compressed air is not metered, it comes with a cost in terms of operating and maintaining the compressors that produce it. By matching compressor capacity to facility needs and implementing better controls, its plants were able to minimize costly air leaks, improve on space utilization, prolong equipment life, and conserve electricity.

Recycling award for Emerson plant in Missouri. Emerson’s scroll compressor manufacturing facility in Ava, Missouri is a past recipient of the  Missouri Outstanding Business Recycling Award from the Missouri Recycling Association. More than 133 tons of materials are recycled annually with the Douglas County Sheltered Workshop. Materials recycled include cardboard, plastics, and miscellaneous wood waste, like pallets and crates.